EPDM Playground

Because heat, ozone and weather resistance property offered by EPDM, we use this to render our playgrounds. The mentioned EPDM Playground offers excellent resistivity to diluted acids, polar substances, ketones, alkalites and many more. Moreover, it also offers great insulating properties so that several sports injuries can be avoided. Being Eco-friendly in nature, these can also be recycled easily.
Artificial Grass Sports
Our provided Artificial Grass Sports is safe to be used in the playgrounds of children and pets. This enables various schools, sports complexes and clubs to entertain a number of activities such as netball, football, tennis, etc. These can also be installed at homes for practicing sports even during rainy season as these minimize the risk of slipping.
Artificial Grass landscaping
Artificial Grass Landscaping helps in eliminating the expenses of maintaining and watering lawns and gardens. It is an ideal option to have a perfect green lawn that one has always desired for. The mentioned landscaping not only find usage in the lawns, but can be used on rooftops of houses, resorts, hotels, zoo, etc.
We offer Astroturf which is used for marketing taller systems for utilizing infill material in order to replicate natural grass in a manner that does not look artificial. This is also used for avoiding maintaining and laying costs of these grasses and maximizing the usage hours by rendering excellent durability.
Indoor Sports Flooring
Our offered Indoor Sports Flooring has a unique installation method for variety sports including basketball, squash, tennis, etc. It is not only easy to install but with the usage of less adhesive technology, it can also be easily removed. The mentioned products renders excellent dimensional stability that makes it resilient sports flooring.
Indoor Modular Tiles

No matter what the theme of your place is, we offer Indoor Modular Tiles that suit each and every style of the home, offices, industries, malls, salons, shops, etc. Varieties of tiles are available offering captivating designs, patterns, sizes and colors to choose from. The mentioned tiles are also perfect for heavy duty applications.
Outdoor Modular Tiles
Our offered Outdoor Modular Tiles are constructed with polypropylene plastic and can withstand diverse weather conditions such as rain, high temperature, etc. for rendering excellent durability. These are available in different sizes, multiple color shades, quintessential designs to enhance the beauty of your buildings which can be observed from a longer distance.
Squash Courts
We offer Squash Courts that are surrounded by four walls. The front wall has three parallel lines marked on it and possess maximum area for playing. However, the back wall has a door which is the entrance. These courts are used by squash club and sports complex for various purposes such as training, conducting match and casual entertainment.
Synthetic Badminton Courts
Be it summers, monsoon, winters or any other season, we offer Synthetic Badminton Courts are designed that allow badminton players play their game and perfect it by playing all year round. This is because the mentioned courts minimize the risk of slipping while playing by offering traction in every weather condition.
Synthetic Volleyball Courts
The surface of our Synthetic Volleyball Courts is made in a way to absorb shocks that reduce the injury risks along with reduction in stresses and strains to knees, lower back, ankles and hips. These are designed and built to fulfill all the requirements for beginners as well as professionals.
Synthetic Basketball Courts

The drainage capability of our rendered Synthetic Basketball Courts allow our basketball players to play their game round the year, despite of the weather condition. Such courts also minimize the slipping risk during monsoon by rendering traction for every weather. These courts are long lasting, do not require much maintenance and can be easily fit according to the availability of space.

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